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Nighthorse is one of the largest and popular escort service providers in India. It offers different sexual services like playboy, call boy and gigolo services in Maharashtra, Mumbai. It has fair and handsome Gigolo Mumbai whose main objective is to provide sexual pleasure to female clients and try their best level to satisfy any women sexually. Apart from these adult services, now our male escort agency is capable enough to provide different sex job opportunities for those who want to earn sufficient amount of money by providing sexual services to clients. We offer Playboy job in Mumbai for those who have the potential to provide sexual satisfaction to any women on the bed.

Why choose Nighthorse for Playboy job in Mumbai?

There are so many escort agencies present in Mumbai, Maharashtra which offers different job opportunities, but Nighthorse is the best among them, because of some reasons mentioned below:

  • It provides genuine and 100% satisfactory results at an affordable price.
  • Nighthorse is one of the most secure and safe escort agencies which always focuses on customer’s privacy and keeps customer’s details secret.
  • Our agency obeys the Indian Constitution and allows male prostitution process for our female clients.
  • We understand our client’s problems and provide desired services they want from us.

Get Playboy job in Mumbai:

Playboys can be invited to hotels and bars based on the client’s demand. The main objective of a playboy is to earn sufficient amount of money by fulfilling a female client’s sexual desire. Our male escort agency provides Playboy job opportunities in Mumbai for those who are between 18 to 45 years of age. If you are an adult male candidate and you want to get sexual satisfaction in your life, you can register your details on our escort website and get an opportunity to meet our beautiful and sexy female clients. Our agency provides 24*7 escort services. If you want to join as Gigolo Mumbai, you can visit our agency and register anytime you want. We hire male escorts and appoint them as our playboys based on the following criteria:

  • The candidate must have good communication skill in both English and Hindi.
  • He must avoid drugs and alcohol and not affected by Sexual Transmitted Diseases.
  • He should be well-mannered and having good behavior as well.
  • As we give more importance to look, the candidate must be good-looking and handsome. He needs to be very clean and dedicated to his work.

How to become a Gigolo in Mumbai?

The role of a gigolo is to fulfill all types of sexual desires and provide sexual pleasure to female clients in return for payment. If you have the ability to satisfy any women, you can definitely get a Playboy job in Mumbai. You can visit our agency and register your details to get free Gigolo registration in Mumbai. Being the famous male escort agency includes skilled and experienced Gigolo Mumbai who knows all types of sexual positions and gives his best efforts to satisfy clients.

Salary: You can get 15K-20K per meeting for a full night, 6K-12K for short times.

Working time: You’ll get 4-10 clients per month, but you can cancel if you want.

Working place: You can attend your clients either in their own place or in hotels.

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