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Gigolo Jobs

Are you interested in Gigolo work? Join Nighthorse Gigolo jobs where fantasy women call gigolo to fulfill there desire by Gigolo sex

We welcome you to India’s most popular and the largest gigolo agency It is one of the most reputed male escort agency which has been providing different adult services for the last few years in different popular cities in India. Nighthorse has brought a great opportunity for those who are interested in Gigolo work. It includes skilled and experienced gigolos who are very much dedicated and professional. They can understand our client’s feelings and try their best level to satisfy a woman sexually.

Gigolo jobs in India:

Apart from providing gigolo service, our escort agency offers Gigolo jobs and hires male escorts. If you are an adult male candidate above the age of 18 and you have the interest to provide sexual satisfaction to beautiful and sexy women, you can apply for Gigolo work in our agency and get an opportunity to fulfill all the sexual desires of our female clients.

Why does Nighthorse’s Gigolo call for Gigolo sex?

There are so many escort agencies present in India which provide various male sex services to make women or girls satisfy sexually, but we provide which is purely a male escort agency and provides genuine gigolo service for women to fulfill their sexual desires by Gigolo sex. We offer sex jobs to interested male candidates and allow them to join our Gigolo jobs on the basis of the following criteria:

  • We have skilled and professional, clean and decent gigolos who are adult enough and know the various sexual positions to provide sexual pleasure to our female clients.
  • They have good communication skill in both English and Hindi so that clients from different locations can communicate with them and get physical satisfaction easily.
  • We have very much handsome, smart, good-behaviour and well-mannered gigolos who are doing Gigolo work in our agency so that you can choose them at your first meeting.
  • Our male escorts are always fit and fine and having no sexual diseases. They can provide you safe and secure sexual services.

Get Gigolo call from Nighthorse:

We take affordable amount of money for gigolo registration to make your profile prime. If you are 18-45 years old and you have the interest to join as gigolo in our agency, you can register your details on our website and get an opportunity to get a Gigolo call from our agency.

Salary: You can get 15K-20K per meeting for a full night, 6K-12K for short times.

Working time: You’ll get 4-10 clients per month, but you can cancel if you want.

Working place: You can attend your clients either in their own place or in hotels.

Selection process: You can contact us just by filling the form.

Our male escort agency is always open for you and provides 365 days of genuine Gigolo sex for those women who don’t get sexual satisfaction from their partner. If you are an adult female candidate and you are searching for the best male escort agency to fulfil your sexual desires, don’t waste your time, visit now and get our Gigolo contact number today!

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